lauantaina, joulukuuta 11, 2004

Winter brake in Paris

KK-Net would like to invite DC artists to participate in our large screen online marketing action. We are conducting research on how businesses are using online marketing in general and searching new sales and marketing channles in particular. Target areas to be found here:
  1. Stockholm
  2. Hamburg
  3. Londong
  4. Paris
  5. St. Petersburg
  6. Helsinki
  7. Rome
This survey will provide us with a clearer picture of what strategies online marketers are pursuing, what features and tools are most important to them and where marketers are spending their marketing budgets.
Engineer John Charlton takes an Apple Newton everywhere on his travels. He convinces himself it's a useful device, but in his heart he knows the truth: He simply wants to photograph it in front of landmarks.
Sightseers in major cities no longer need a tour guide or travel book to point out local landmarks. Several startup companies now offer tours delivered by cell phones. Take a look at Talking Streets.
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