perjantaina, maaliskuuta 18, 2005


TheFeature :: The Road to Mobile Broadband Runs Through Korea "The promise of WiBro and mobile WiMAX is that they will deliver mobility with the high speed and cost-effectiveness of an all-IP, all-packetized data system, offering users things like streaming video and music, video and music on demand, online gaming, broadcasting and VoIP.

With mobile WiMAX, the cost of a given bundle of data will be low because there will be no circuit-switching in the system and because of the fundamental efficiencies of OFDM vs. CDMA, though WiBro won’t support high ground speeds – it’s designed to provide seamless connectivity over the 2.3 GHz spectrum at ground speeds up to about 60 Kph with an average bandwidth of 1 Mbps.
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