maanantaina, toukokuuta 09, 2005

Get Ready for WiMax

Get Ready for WiMax: "The first reports of the potential benefits of WiMax technology appeared almost a year ago, when the IEEE ratified the 802.16-2004, or 802.16d, standard. Skeptics, however, were weary after finally sorting out the various Wi-Fi standards and cautioned that the WiMax hype was ahead of the technology. Given the fickle nature of standards, and standards-setting bodies, it was wise to stay on the sidelines.

In addition, The Management Network Group and Bear, Stearns poured cold water on the concept at the time with a report in which they contended that WiMax would not be a threat to 'dislodge or disrupt existing broadband service in urban and suburban areas.'

But since then, enough has happened to make us optimistic about the benefits and uses of the long-range, high-speed wireless networking technology and its eventual place beside other broadband services as the so-called last mile into businesses and homes. These signs are encouraging enough to warrant IT administrators to begin exploring WiMax options for their enterprises."
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