torstaina, joulukuuta 22, 2005

Liking, similarity, interaction

Liking, smilarity and interaction. Proximity leads to liking. The one's that are familiar to you. Who are you working together with? While you are together a lot. Positive and negative interaction. Similarity leads to attraction because of 3 things:
  1. similar to us
  2. we assume that those similar others will like us
  3. similar others validate our believes and attitudes
    - even if you haven't met the people
    - the same football fun club
    - sharing the same interest
    - they share our own charateristic
    - we think we are right, so similiar others are thinking rigt
What do we identify in the others? What do we have in common? How well are we mastering the social environment? Are we able to connect with the other people? If, then we maybe can become friends.
  1. what are the benefits
  2. and rewards
What drives the move from a casual friendship to close relationships? The development goes in steps. It's like walking together up the stairs. It's exchanging of rewards. You need to give self disclosure? How much do you tell? The depth of disclosure is a measure for the development. What are the effects of self-disclosure? You don't always like to get all that information.

- being accepted by the listener
- when you know, what people really like
- you can meet the other persons needs much better
- women self-disclose much more than men
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