tiistaina, joulukuuta 21, 2004

LinkedIn Petja Jäppinen

I found you while I was searching my network at LinkedIn. Let's connect directly, so we can help each other with referrals. If we connect, both of our networks will grow. To add me as your connection, just follow the link below. - Petja Jäppinen.
It is free to join and takes less than 60 seconds to sign up. This is an exclusive invitation from petja jäppinen to Helge Keitel. For security reasons, please do not forward this invitation.
I have been a sleeping member of LinkedIn, but the network activits Petja Jäppinen made me sign in again, and I might increase my activity. I forward my request to Takapiru Oy's KurtLinderoos.
Customer comment: "Petja was a driver for new thinking also in the marketing communications arena. His early entry into a networked world, connecting not only his customer to him electronically but his large global network, gave me a new dimension to the creative part of marketing communications."
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