sunnuntaina, tammikuuta 30, 2005

AlwaysOn Home

  1. AlwaysOn Home
  2. Live Video Blog from the World Economic Forum in Davos!
  3. When Does the Economy Serve the People?
  4. Peter Athanassoglou, Chief Executive Officer, Ernst & Young, Switzerland.
  5. Paulo Coelho, Author, Brazil.
  6. Joseph Deiss, Federal Councillor of the Economy of the Swiss Confederation.
  7. Noreena Hertz, Author, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.
  8. Wangari Maathai, Deputy Minister of Environment, Natural Resources and Wildlife of Kenya; Nobel Peace Price Winner 2004.
  9. Christoph Stückelberger, Director, Institute for Theology and Ethics, Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches, Switzerland.
  10. Moderated by Urs Leuthard, TV Host, Arena, Swiss Television SF DRS, Switzerland.
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