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Listening and learning

Today’s podcast about group performance. Here is what was discussed today:

  • Group development (5 stages)
- forming - in the initial stage of group building the leader is important
- storming - when the need to resolve disagreements rises
- norming - harmony, consensus, cohesion of the group
- performing - smooth management, high efficieny
- ajourning - the group ends, maybe formed for a limited time, maybe job is done
  • Effects of time on group processes
- time pressure, people will be less creatvie
- more tasks are focused and activities are more efficient
  • Group performance
- edited tasks: 1+1 = 2, people have to perform
- disjunctive tasks: 1+2=3, performance is dependent of best member
- conjunctive tasks: 2+1=1, the group performance is defiened by the least performing, co-ordination is important
- complex tasks: in brainstorming people are influencing and inspireing each other

look after poor co-ordination and organization
  • Social loafing, motivation, coordination, the workplace
- if interdependance is low, then some people let the others do the job
- low, decreased motivation
- poor co-ordination
- organization is very important
- people need to know their roles
- the tools of the trade are important
- who has the right to order and who has to obey
- in army a strict hierarchy and people know, what their obligations are
- the illusion of group productivity
- social interdependenc
- social compensation
- things go wrong, but not always a question of technical reasons
- is there a technical problem or social problems
Your mind makes it real.
- How can I make my bluetooth headset working

Cohesive groups
- Create some for of corporation
- exercise social influence
- helps to cope with stress

Create common goals
- motivation
- co-ordination

Performance in face to face groups.

- Group performance
- social dependence, interdependence is strong in primary groups
- task interdependence in secondary goups, like work teams
- connectedness
- how do groups develope
- social rewards
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