maanantaina, maaliskuuta 13, 2006

Digital Living

In contrast to traditional exhibitions, where products are displayed behind glass or in showcases, "digital living" will directly communicate the features, options and business opportunities associated with digital lifestyle products.

  • TV & Entertainment. Television, video, home cinema, home solutions, media, photo, film, audio, hi-fi, professional audio & video systems

  • PC & Games. Personal computers, game consoles, hardware, software, home office, edutainment, infotainment, modding

  • Communications & Infrastructure. Telecommunications, broadband, Internet, terrestrics, satellite, cable, digital broadcasting, networks, home automation, home security

  • Mobile. Mobile entertainment, mobile media, mobile office, car audio, car media, navigation, wearable electronics

"Digital living" will offer its products for close-up examination, inviting visitors to actually use the products, hands-on. Visitors can experience your products directly and get a feel for them.

For the trade visitor, this involves the potential business opportunities your product embodies. For the end consumer, this involves the fulfillment of his or her wishes.

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