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Biofuel from StoraEnso, Neste oil and UPM

Biofuel from Neste Oil, Stora Enso and United Paper Mills

En ole kirjoittanut tänne pitkään aikaan. Järjestelen kanavia uusiksi. Blogit nyt osia kansainvälisessä tiedotuspaketissa. julkaisee juttujani englanniksi.

Big Finnish companies are releasing plans about biofuel production. Neste Oil and Stora Enso are planning to develop Biofuel production in cooperation.

The second largest Finnish Forestry giant, United Paper Mills, is going to make own technical and business solutions. UPM is looking for partners to take care of the distribution of biofuel diesel.

UPM is continuing the R&D activity and building up its organisation. No tight schedules have been set. The first announcement about getting into the field of biofuel was released in October 2006. The investments in R&D have been increased from 50 million euros to 80 million euros.

The company is stating that money isn’t a problem when biodiesel proves to become profitable. UPM is ready to increase its efforts in this area.

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